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OEX Group & Divante to drive cross-border growth with innovative B2B marketplace platform

OEX Group & Divante to drive cross-border growth with innovative B2B marketplace platform

OEX Group is a seasoned expert in modern services and technology for business, including global sales support of its partners. Answering the needs of businesses willing to grow multinational eCommerce, the group launched a powerful marketplace platform and Divante was responsible for designing and developing this tool.

Launched at the end of February 2019, the OEX24.com platform is a one-stop shop solution that enables partnering companies worldwide to sell regardless of their size and experience. Companies entering the platform can appear online in a simple way, and at the same time, gain the opportunity to perform all trade-related operations on domestic and international markets in one place.


OEX24.com is a user-friendly marketplace, designed with the aim of digitizing B2B trade. On the platform, the user will be able to purchase products from many categories and use the range of services necessary to carry out sales despite the location.

“OEX24.com was based on our experience and long-term cooperation with clients in the area of sales. This project combines the competence of many experts from the OEX Group. We believe that eCommerce and solutions that digitize sales are the future of trade.” - Jerzy Motz,  OEX S.A. president

Technology suited for marketplace platform

In order to build a top-quality marketplace platform, OEX Group cooperated with Divante, an eCommerce software house experienced in B2C and B2B systems development. The Divante team helped to translate business requirements to specific technology solutions, designed and developed the solution. The marketplace platform is based on the Pimcore eCommerce framework, which was then enriched with dedicated functionalities.

Along with all basic functionalities (like access to storage, transport and logistics services), OEX24.com enables supplementary features including intuitive navigation, selective payment methods, inquiries automation, a vendor module for manufacturers with a wide range of products, and the opportunity to create dedicated tools for servicing vendor’s own customers for large entities or purchasing groups.

“OEX.24 is a platform based on the Pimcore 5 solution which gives great scalability and flexibility. Our solution is prepared for further custom integration and development to meet the business needs of its users across the globe.” - Bartosz Idzikowski, Divante

Future development of OEX24.com

The newly launched marketplace is open for all trades, including the cosmetics, household or healthy food industries. The OEX Group actively builds foreign relations and acquires local partners, which facilitates the implementation of processes related to the sale and promotion on foreign markets.


“Despite the short time on the market, we have already registered transactions on the European market, as well as between Europe and Asia” - Artur Wojtaszek, a board member of OEX SA and the president of the board of OEX24.com.

In the near future, OEX24.com will be available in multiple language versions, including Chinese and Arab and will enable online shopping credit for business.

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To learn more about OEX24.com visit the marketplace platform at www.OEX24.com



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