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Divante’s updates on the D/A/CH market

Divante’s updates on the D/A/CH market

It’s been less than a year since Divante opened an office in Berlin. Since then, Divante’s products have garnered a positive opinion on the D/A/CH market. One of them, Vue Storefront, is being integrated with Shopware PWA. Under the leadership of Sabrina Janssen, our new HoS, this and other mobile-first solutions will be presented at the upcoming eCommerce Berlin Expo and Internet World Expo in Germany. 

Divante and Shopware began their partnership in 2019. The core goal of this was the development of the PWA frontend for the latest version of the Shopware eCommerce platform. This new concept was first presented at the Shopware Community Day in May 2019. Since then, both teams have worked hard and the latest solutions will be available in the developers’ preview version at the end of January 2020.

Shopware PWA is an open-source project; we invite you to share your feedback on its official Github profile and leave it a star!

New Head of Sales D/A/CH

At the beginning of this year, the leadership of Divante's presence in the D/A/CH region was taken on by Sabrina Janssen. With a decade in experience in sales, Sabrina enriches our team with her knowledge of eCommerce and software that she gained at Nosto and Peerius (now Episerver). As a new D/A/CH Head of Sales, she will take care of new clients and of Divante's network in Germany, as well as establishing the company's strong position among leaders of online sales in German-speaking countries.

If you would like to know more about Sabrina's experience and be in touch with her, don't hesitate to reach out to her via Linkedin.

Divante at eCommerce events in Berlin and Munich

In the coming months, Sabrina and the Divante team will be available at major events focusing on eCommerce:

eCommerce Berlin Expo - A yearly B2B expo and conference for eCommerce service providers, takes place on 13 February in Berlin.

Internet World Expo - Innovation and digitalization platform for online sellers, takes place on 10 March in Munich.

Schedule a meeting with us at the abovementioned events or visit us in our office at WeWork Berlin.



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