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Divante to cooperate with Helloprint, one of Europe's hottest printing startups

Divante to cooperate with Helloprint, one of Europe's hottest printing startups

Helloprint is one of Europe's fastest growing technology companies disrupting the world of online print. It has been recognized as a winner of Deloitte’s Fast 50 Rising Star 2016 and Europe's 100 Hottest Startups 2018 by Wired.com. Together with Divante, the company is working on boosting their printing platform with the microservices approach.

The digital transformation of the print industry

The European print industry is worth EUR 160 billion per year but in the age of digital transformation, it still takes most of its orders offline. According to market analyst Smithers Pira, the print industry is worth more than the EUR 135 billion car-export market. Helloprint is disrupting the print industry by offering an online printing service without the hassle.

With 4,000% growth over the last four years, Helloprint is one of the fastest growing players in the market. It has been listed among Europe’s 100 Hottest Startups by Wired and is a winner of the Deloitte’s Fast 50 Rising Star. Lately, Helloprint has entered Europe’s biggest printing market - Germany. In 2018 the company closed a multi-million-euro funding round. Now it is expanding its European network.

Divante is an eCommerce software house offering cutting-edge products and services globally. With over 150 team members on board and growing at lightning speed, there was no better choice than Divante to work on Helloprint’s online platform. The companies began to work together in September 2018.

“In an evolving global eCommerce market, we want to be the world leaders in our innovative approach to print and technology. Divante is a great partner to expand and deepen our knowledge and competitive advantage on the online print market with smart technology solutions fit for the modern age.” - Michael Heerkens, Helloprint.

To enable and further growth, Helloprint need to be able to support millions of visitors on the website every month with a wide range of desktops, mobile phones, and internet speeds. To make the experience of buying print online for these potential customers even more hassle-free, Helloprint decided to move to a headless and decoupled frontend to improve page loading speed, lower the size of pages for mobile users and to enable us to provide more products, more features and an ever-evolving shop to all our European and global customers.

Divante is cooperating on this transition.

“We strongly believe in Headless architecture and at the same time, Divante is very active in the Vue.js framework community - building our own product Vue Storefront on top of it. We’re really happy that we can share our experience with the Hello Print team and help them build a really awesome, headless, Vue.js based frontend for eCommerce” - Piotr Karwatka, Divante.

The solution leverages a headless app based on Vue.js for the platform that is constructed with modern microservices architecture.

Learn more about Helloprint and Divante.



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