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Divante to become exclusive technology partner for Shopware PWA frontend

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Divante and Shopware, two of the leading players in European eCommerce, have entered into partnership that will take mobile commerce experiences to the next level. Seeing mobile-first trends unfold, the companies have decided to work together on a modern PWA frontend for the Shopware platform. The new progressive web app solution will be based on the renowned Vue Storefront Framework.

Shopware is a trendsetting eCommerce platform designed to fulfil the most ambitious eCommerce projects. This German-based platform is trusted by over 80,000 companies including worldwide brands like the Discovery Channel, Philips and Bethesda.

The company is constantly developing the "Shopware platform" in order to provide its merchants with new sales opportunities and competitive advantages. On May 23, the next generation of Shopware (the solution) will be introduced at Shopware's own Community Day. PWA features, including ultra-fast speed, reliability, native-app-like functions, and offline mode will allow users to consider various new business cases.

Reasons for the Shopware PWA

Progressive Web Apps are a modern web technology which connects the best of web and app design. Recognised by global giants like Google, Microsoft, and Apple, PWA technology is seen as the future standard of web development.

It was clear for Shopware that they must enrich their platform with a PWA. The voice of the community turned them towards incorporating Vue Storefront into Shopware as the demand for exactly this integration was very high.

Developing the Shopware PWA frontend

Vue Storefront is a renowned progressive web app solution dedicated to eCommerce which gained the trust of the global developer community. This open-source project has gathered a vivid community of over 120 contributors and 40 partners worldwide. It has garnered over 4.5k stars on Github already and the number of implementations is growing fast.

As core contributor of Vue Storefront, Divante eCommerce Software House was selected by Shopware. The company wanted to cater to community needs and ensure the highest quality of the Shopware PWA. Both companies signed the letter of interest earlier this month.

The Shopware PWA will be built upon Vue Storefront and its beta version will be released as an open-source project this year. Later on, Divante and Shopware intend to work on an extended version of the Shopware PWA dedicated to commercial use.

For more information observe Divante, Shopware and Shopware Community Day.

Published April 16, 2019