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Divante for SUPER-PHARM

Agata Młodawska
Divante for SUPER-PHARM

SUPER-PHARM is Israel-Poland-China pharmacy chain. It has facilities in 56 biggest cities in Poland. Divante and SUPER-PHARM have recently started their cooperation in IT and SEM marketing development area.

It was about the promotion on two sites:

  1. www.superpharm.pl, website with current promotions, offers, health care and beauty guidebook. Site consists informations about SUPER-PHARM’s chain store;
  2. www.klublifestyle.pl, loyalty programme website for SUPER-PHARM clients.

The main tasks were e-marketing in browser and Internet analytics support.


The promotion was preluded by implementations of analytics KPIs in Google Analytics.

KPIs (eg. avg. time spend on site, visit depth) allow to measure the quality of site traffic.

The next step was sponsored links development (Google AdWords). The target was to increase visibility in Google SERPs, reduce costs of campaign and increase traffic’s quality in budget. The range of cooperation included design and support of campaign in Google Search and Display Network.

The most important about technical optimization was Quality Score for Google AdWords (it’s significant parameter for Google AdWords CPC advertisement).

Cooperation effect

One of the effects was better result of Google AdWords campaign and thanks to technical optimization campaign the CPC cost was 56% lower, while average CTR for ads increased to over 520%, compering to the previous state.

The final optimization effect was the new users reach, that increased to 68% with the same budget.

Session and budget

The traffic caused by new Google AdWords campaign has a better quality as well – which is proven by 59% lower average bounce rate and 50% higher average users visit depth.

Cooperation with Divante specialists had a big influence for AdWords campaign measurements improvement. Marketing efficiency was increased in a short amount of time, which is easy to notice from key measurements optimization like time spend on site, higher number of visits and lower rejects rate. During our collaboration specialists from Divante are showing their big engagement and innovative attitude, which is very important for us. We can already see very satisfying results so we’re looking forward for spectacular continuation.” – Katarzyna Wyszyńska, Digital Manager, SUPER-PHARM

Close collaboration between Divante and SUPER-PHARM brings both companies measurable and encouraging results. The key to the success was great knowledge of marketing tools, understanding the branch and customers preferences.

Divante and SUPER- PHARM still work on projects and develop them together.

Agata Młodawska

Agata Młodawska

Content Marketing Manager at