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Divante refreshes an online shop for Onderdelenwinkel

Agata Młodawska
Divante refreshes an online shop for Onderdelenwinkel


Divante co-created and refreshed version of an online shop for the Dutch brand distributing accessories for white goods. The new service delighted its users with not only UX improvements but also brand new features.

The cooperation between our companies started in September 2015 from a test task consisting of improvements to three parts of the service: homepage, product overview page and product page. Divante, among others, created a quick selector of devices and implemented the feature of filtering items by brand.

Then, companies decided to continue the cooperation. The team at Divante’s end includes Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, Testers, UX/GFX Designers and Project Managers. The project was lead in cooperation with a team of developers from Onderdelenwinkel and a Product Owner. Thanks to this, there was a constant flow of knowledge between our companies. What’s more is that this type of cooperation enabled the building of Developer and UX competencies in Onderdelenwinkel.

Divante realised a big quality impulse for Onderdelenwinkel.nl, thanks to their big Magento knowledge. It’s great to work with people who think ahead and whom will not fear to go the extra mile – Paul Cellie, CTO at Onderdelenwinkel.nl.

Collaboration with Onderdelenwinkel is a good example of how a co-operative approach and good organization combined with open communication can lead to the coexistence of two development teams working on a single system in a distributed environment – says Grzegorz Bandurowski from Divante, Project Manager of Onderdelenwinkel.nl.

The main goal of this project was to optimize the online shop to drive more sales. To make this happen, Divante focused on adding new functionalities and improving service usability.

The foundation for further changes was a quick UX audit performed on the original page and compared with a few other national versions. Basing on the analysis, Divante implemented some UX improvements including, for example – clarifying and organizing main navigation. The refreshed website is also more friendly for mobile users.

The new service was enriched with new features including a currency switcher, store switcher, wishlist, review system and new payment methods. One of the most interesting functionalities is the Brand Configurator – now the system administrator can add the label with product information to a specific brand’s card and the information where to look for a number and model of a particular device. Thanks to this feature the users can easily find the products using the brand name, category and serial number.

It’s not the end of changes for Onderdelenwinkel.nl – in the very near future, the company plans a migration to Magento 2 and Elastic Search as well as integration with business intelligence.

Onderdelenwinkel is a Dutch company that started in 1978 as a local parts store in Helmond, in 2016 they released an online shop. The company is present in the markets of 9 countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the UK and Poland.

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Agata Młodawska

Agata Młodawska

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