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Divante’s Pimcore-Magento Connector Awarded in Salzburg

Divante’s Pimcore-Magento Connector Awarded in Salzburg

A solution developed by Divante’s developers got awarded at Pimcore Inspire 2019 in Salzburg! The bestowed integration is a seamless connection between Magento and Pimcore’s product information management system.

The Pimcore Inspire Global Partner Conference was held on September 25-27, 2019, in Salzburg, Austria. This fifth assembling of Pimcore gathered over 250 members from 72 agencies from all over the world. The annual conference is the most critical event for Pimcore’s partners throughout the year, during which essential announcements are made. At the same time, the Pimcore community had the opportunity to share the project’s insights at a couple of roundtable discussions, live demos, and case studies. Among them, Gartner and Forrester gave the keynote presentations.

Pimcore-Magento Connector Awarded

As part of Pimcore Inspire 2019, Pimcore awarded partners who have made a significant contribution to the Pimcore ecosystem, and so the award for ‘The Best Extension of The Year’ went to ‘Pimcore - Magento Connector,’ developed by Divante, with Michał Bolka and Bartosz Herba at the forefront.

The Pimcore - Magento Connector brings excellent product information management features into any Magento-based store, gathers and manages high-quality data across a given number of touchpoints, and thus strengthens omnichannel strategies in eCommerce. This integration is available under an open-source license at www.go.divante.co/pimcore-magento.

What’s new in Pimcore 6?

During Pimcore Inspire 2019, all participants had a chance to discover the latest changes in Pimcore’s solutions. Over 30 releases, as well as over 230 features and improvements, were presented during the two days of Pimcore Inspire. Along with them, many UI improvements to the Pimcore admin panel were introduced.

Another important announcement was that Pimcore drafted its development plan for upcoming years, which includes: Machine Learning Interfaces, Native Cloud Functionalities, Improving Tests, and Translation Providers.

Last but not least, this year, Pimcore Inspire was full of life with lots of learnings, fun, and inspiring takeaways. It is a pleasure to be part of such an avid community.

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