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Divante launches Open Loyalty

Agata Młodawska
Divante launches Open Loyalty

A demo of Open Loyalty will be available at Webwinkel Vakdagen 2017

In order to help businesses boost online loyalty, Divante (eBusiness Software House)  launches Open Loyalty, a new loyalty platform with an open architecture and ready-to use loyalty and gamification features. This solution is based on the common knowledge that the cost of gaining a new client is much higher than the cost of encouraging an already existing client to shop again. With the Open Loyalty solution, businesses are able to keep their customers close.

Forrester research shows that for 66% of financial executives, acquiring new customers is their top strategic objective for their loyalty programme. 56% indicates customer retention is their top objective. Another study by Experian shows that 46% of millennials look for new financial companies/services that better meet their needs. More than 3 out of 4 millennials will switch accounts if they find a better alternative.

With the Open Loyalty solution, you can work on acquisition and retention of your customers.

Many companies are reluctant to implement loyalty programmes. Main reasons are that they are not sure how to predict customer needs. In addition, they find it hard to work on analysis and design of such a programme and have trouble estimating the ROI. Finally, they need to integrate a loyalty programme into their existing systems and align it with logistics and financial processes, which is perceived as extremely complex. However, with the right tools and expertise it is possible to create a loyalty programme in a pretty short notice, as Divante did for ING Bank Slaski. The bank already had a loyalty programme, but decided to freshen up the formula of the programme, better adapting it to user needs and expectations. The result was a modern platform characterised by a user friendly and fresh design. The new loyalty programme was implemented on Magento as a platform.

Divante faces online loyalty challenges with a comprehensive solution that covers:

  • Customer Management – gives businesses the ability to add and edit customer data and create levels or segments. Every customer’s loyalty and engagement metrics can be monitored.  
  • Rules for earning points – provides businesses with a set of rules how customers can earn points using the loyalty programme. These rules can be based on spending or other customer behaviour.  
  • Reward campaigns – lets businesses add and distribute rewards, target which customers  are able to redeem specific rewards (and when), set limitations and see the engagement within every campaign.
  • Customer cockpit – customers are able to check rewards, learn how to earn points, view their transaction history (offline and online) and history of points earned and spent. Businesses can also edit personal data and customize brand preferences. The customer cockpit may be set to a subdomain like club.yourbrand.com.
  • POS cockpit – businesses can run a cockpit for merchants in their offline and online store, match transactions with customers, enroll new customers and process all loyalty programme operations. This can all be run separately from their ERP/POS software.  
  • Integrations & plugins – Open Loyalty can easily be integrated with eCommerce, marketing automation or EMS solutions and ERP. It contains restful API or connectors for integration purposes.

For more information about Open Loyalty visit www.openloyalty.io.

Agata Młodawska

Agata Młodawska

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