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Divante is pioneering the PWA trend for eCommerce

Agata Młodawska
Divante is pioneering the PWA trend for eCommerce

Vue Storefront is a standalone PWA storefront for your eCommerce, able to connect with any eCommerce backend. Now it’s production ready -  version 1.0RC has just been released and the first production sites are underway!

Progressive Web Apps is a new trend of building mobile web applications that look and feel like native iOS/Android apps while maintaining the simplicity and effectiveness of web distribution. Many cases (including Forbes, Alibaba - for more insights see our report) show us that conversion rates are much higher in PWA than on classical web-sites

By creating Progressive Web Apps, business clients pay just once, not having to build and maintain a dedicated mobile application for each platform (iOS, Android, Windows) separately. All major mobile platforms are now supporting the standard and we believe it’s the future of app development. This is what users want and something that we can leverage to improve eCommerce CR - says Piotr Karwatka,  Divante CTO, one of the project founders.

That’s why Divante has created Vuestorefront.io, a PWA storefront for your eCommerce, able to connect with any eCommerce back-end (eg. Magento, Pimcore, Prestashop or Shopware) through the API. It is great tool for any eCommerce to add mobile-first solution for their business.

The key features of the product are:

  • PWA support - which means the eCommerce frontend works with a user experience comparable to native apps,
  • Offline support - by using Vue Storefront, your eCommerce can be used during a long flight or in the Subway,
  • Extreme scalability - by using a very modern technology stack (100% JavaScript + ElasticSearch) and offline support, the app can work with extreme server loads and is horizontally scalable.

Vue Storefront was designed as a framework. Developers just create their own theme and extensions to apply a 100% customizable look and feel, without modifying the core. We’ve applied design system and component-based design patterns to keep the layouts (which are also open sourced) maintainable and reusable - says Karl Bzik, Product Owner of Vue Storefront.

The project also has a strong community around it, started by Divante and released on an Open Source licence (MIT), it is now maintained and developed by 27 active core developers across the world. 140 more developers have joined the Slack community and work on different projects based on Vue Storefront. The official partnership network includes companies from Argentina, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Poland. The project has already attracted its first clients - prominent brands from fashion, jewelry and the sports industry.

If you like to make your own impact on how modern applications are created, you can join the team or become a Vue Storefront partner.

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Agata Młodawska

Agata Młodawska

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