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Divante has become a Strategic Partner of Pimcore

Aleksandra Borodziuk
Divante has become a Strategic Partner of Pimcore

We’re more than happy to announce that we have become a Strategic Partner of Pimcore - one of the best-known Digital Platforms for Enterprises.

Pimcore is used by over 80K companies, such as Burger King, Audi, Peugeot and Intersport. Due to its flexibility, Pimcore is perfect for PIM, CMS, DAM and eCommerce.

Divante is the only Pimcore Strategic Partner, so far.  It’s not only a huge commendation for Divante - but also a great opportunity to share our knowledge with an even bigger number of clients & companies.

Divante has come a long way, acquiring more and more advanced Pimcore knowledge. Now our Pimcore Team includes several dozens of specialists - developers, designers and PMs. Divante has a great impact on the Pimcore community as a Core Contributor of the Platform and creator of well-known Pimcore plugins. For example, Divante maintains a Pimcore<>Magento Connector or Pimcore PWA.

Divante has  had many opportunities to make projects based on Pimcore technology.  Among those projects, there are two that we are especially proud of - Norstedts and T-Mobile.

Norstedts, the Swedish publishing house recorded an increase of over 34% in mobile traffic and 15% in pageviews per visit. T-Mobile also boasted an incredible result. During the first four months the website was visited by nearly 340,000 unique users, with almost half of the whole traffic generated by mobile users.

When you connect PIM with CMS and eCommerce it turns out that you have just created an ideal platform for Fashion and B2B. Luckily, these two are the fastest growing eCommerce segments so you can address these two segments with a complex offer using only one solution. It doesn’t get any better than that! - as Tomasz Karwatka, CEO of Divante, said.

As a Strategic Partner, Divante will be able to significantly contribute to the platform architecture and ongoing product strategy. It lets us improve our technical and design skills, and consequently, offer clients more and more varied solutions.

Extending product lines, sharing resources, and expanding geographic reach are the next advantages of this “win-win strategy”.

Divante is an important partner for Pimcore. They are interconnected and well known all over Europe for being eCommerce experts. We appreciate their speed of innovation and numerous community contributions - adds Dietmar Rietsch, CEO of Pimcore.

Can’t wait to see the first - strategic - effects of our cooperation.

For the forgetfuls, asking “What is Pimcore?”: it’s one of the biggest European open source software vendors, providing solutions for CMS, product information and digital asset management, multi-channel publishing, and eCommerce software. Founded in 2013, with headquarters in Austria. Find them on their Website and their Facebook.



Aleksandra Borodziuk

Aleksandra Borodziuk

Content Manager