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Divante co-responsible for the new Eurocash B2B platform success!

Agata Młodawska
Divante co-responsible for the new Eurocash B2B platform success!

Eurocash Dystrybucja (ECD) has just released their new B2B service for independent retailers – eurocash.pl. Divante, together with Uxeria, was responsible for UX&UI in the project.

Eurocash is a corporate group holding numerous enterprises, including cash&carry, active distribution and specialized distributors of FMCG. It also manages franchise retail chains:  ABC, Delikatesy Centrum, Groszek, Euro Sklep, Gama, Lewiatan and Mila. The new platform was created for a subsidiary of the parent company - Eurocash Dystrybucja (ECD), which supplies retail shops.

Eurocash.pl is a platform consisting of three parts: mobile, cloud and online.


EUR 700 mln of sales annually

Electronic sales channels of ECD generate approximately EUR 700 mln of sales annually, and the average value of the basket is EUR 700. It is also worth noting that through our mobile application in September 2018 they ordered goods for approximately EUR 10 million and this amount is growing around EUR 1,2 million per month, therefore we estimate that next year will be at a total level of approximately EUR 140 million - lists Tomasz Polański, general director of Eurocash Distribution. We hope that in the whole group we need 3-4 years to make 92-93 percent of customers have used this solution - he adds.


During the Eurocash project, Divante cooperated with its partner - Uxeria. The companies were responsible for building the UX strategy of the new online platform and the user onboarding process (aiming to create a seamless process, minimizing the risk of customer churn). They designed the UX and UI of the new platform and a mobile app as well.


New architecture and PWA

The whole project started with workshops with internal company stakeholders, studies with end users and qualitative analysis of current user data. After that, Divante and Uxeria, together with the ECD team, designed a new architecture of information, and separated features and processes. What’s more, the companies created the graphics and designed the mobile version of the new service. Additionally, they created a detailed specification that helped in the further implementation process.

The new eurocash.pl interface is simple and easy to navigate. Designers used icons to help less experienced users to navigate through the platform. This last advantage is especially important as today, the commerce industry has problems with a shortage of workers and turnover.

What’s more, the service uses the microservices architecture – the newest standard software solution where separate parts of the architecture are responsible for separate processes and business operations.

The application was designed with the newest standards and trends in UX, including Progressive Web Apps.

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All data in one place

The new eurocash.pl platform is dedicated mainly to small shops. Its aim is to allow for competing with big retail chains, and supporting management and business expansion. All this by lowering operation costs and focusing the efforts on the consumer.

The system gives access to valuable data – demographic, shopping habits, rankings of bestsellers and previews of competitors’ offers. Eurocash.pl also spreads information about TV campaigns planned by manufacturers working with the company, allowing early orders of promoted products and taking advantage of promo offers. Also, the platform has auction functionality.

The project was even more challenging as B2B users purchase frequently and often. Their carts are bigger and much more expensive than a usual B2C user’s cart. Taking this into consideration, the most important aspects are time-saving and website ergonomics.

The project is a real break-through on the FMCG market and opens new possibilities for retailers - says Andrzej Szałowski, Marketing Director at Eurocash Dystrybucja - We’re not going to slow down with innovations that give power to our clients. That’s why we’re planning to launch new interesting features of eurocash.pl – it will be a busy 2019- he adds.

Agata Młodawska

Agata Młodawska

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