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Divante and Axel Johnson International’s Lifting Solutions launch global B2B eCommerce platform

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Divante needed less than 5 months to analyze, design and expand Lifting Solutions Group’s Pimcore platform by adding unique B2B eCommerce functionalities. The newly launched solution is an important step in the digital journey of Lifting Solutions, part of the global industrial group Axel Johnson International.

The Lifting Solutions business group consist of 24 market-leading companies in 17 countries throughout Europe with annual sales of around 300 million EUR. Lifting Solutions specializes in lifting equipment, steel wire rope and services. It operates as a group of companies that supply wire rope, hoists, overhead cranes and other lifting products together with connected services. The companies serve local clients and global customers in ports and the energy, manufacturing and construction sectors.

The Pimcore-based eCommerce solution

The goal of the project was to add eCommerce functionality to the existing Pimcore platform that currently supports a portfolio of 14 domains representing websites for companies within the Lifting Solutions Group. To ensure a smooth development process, the company reached out to Divante, the expert eCommerce software house and trusted Pimcore’s partner.

The cooperation between Lifting Solutions and Divante started off with the scoping session and full analysis. The project demonstrated a tremendous speed of development and implementation. Divante's team managed to launch eCommerce functionality in only 5 months.

Certex was selected as the first brand, and Certex UK and Certex Lithuania as the first companies to offer eCommerce to their customers.


The implementation of eCommerce functionalities for Lifting Solutions Group was based on the CoreShop extension and among others included:

  • - integration with ERP systems used in various countries, along with pricing, discount, inventory levels, and contractors' data,
  • - enabling the ability to see stock availability, customer-specific pricing and lead time in a self-service way for the customers,
  • - building an enhanced experience for buyers of complex steel wire rope products,
  • - building the delivery and payment methods that are customizable which gives companies in the group the flexibility to launch eCommerce depending on local market demands,
  • - and advanced configuration of non-standard products.


"Merging all new features on operating Pimcore platform was a big challenge, but thanks to well-led communication and understanding on both sides, we could overcome all arisen issues and keep high-speed of work." - Jacek Skliński, Project Manager at Divante

The technical product configurator is among the most powerful features available within the newly developed eCommerce solution. Thanks to this solution the customer can easily place the order even for complex lifting equipment and Lifting Solutions experts will confirm its safety before delivery.


“I am very pleased to see we managed to launch our first eCommerce solution in such a short time while keeping a high-quality level at all times. Divante has shown very good system expertise together with good business understanding throughout the project. With a good platform and partner, we are now ready to continue our digital journey in Lifting Solutions.” - Erik Lissola, Marketing Director - Lifting Solutions

Divante took the highest care to provide top-notch eCommerce features for the Lifting Solutions Group Pimcore platform. Available since the end of March 2019, eCommerce functionality increases product discovery, shortens the purchase path and supports the safety of selected lifting solutions.

Lifting Solutions Group and Divante are about to continue the cooperation to enrich eCommerce features with dedicated B2B payments and shipment methods, improve user experience and cost efficiency.

Learn more about Axel Johnson International, Certex and Divante.

Published April 8, 2019