eCommerce UX hacks with Voucherify

Level up your promotions and loyalty programs with experts’ UX insights.

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Group 6-2
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Filled with knowledge and insights from real-life projects

Common mistakes explained

Design flawless promotions and loyalty programs

UX tips for writing

Create better copy and design
coupons that deliver results

How to test the
promotion flow

Build your promotion strategy

What's inside

From understanding the psychology of user experience (UX) and designing for accessibility to measuring the ROI of UX design, we cover a wide range of topics. We’ll provide actionable insights for marketers, designers, and business owners who are looking to build a strong UX foundation for their loyalty and incentives strategy.

Whether you’re a seasoned UX Designer or just starting out, this episode is packed with valuable tips and tricks to help you elevate promotions and loyalty programs.

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The hosts

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Kamil Szymczak 

Senior Product Designer at Divante who strives to make perfect connections between business, design, and technology. Applying knowledge about user experience to design great digital products that can change the world, if even just a little bit.

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Julia Gaj 

Experienced product marketing professional with a background in content creation and customer success. Responsible for developing and spearheading product marketing strategy for Voucherify Promotion Engine products and services.

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