Take the mobile-first approach and become an eCommerce leader

Though consumers use mobile devices more often than desktops, conversion rates are still lower for mobile. Despite this, if you want the conversion rate of your eCommerce to increase, you can’t forget about the user experience on mobile devices. Start taking care of your eCommerce and test the mobile-first approach.

In the Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization report, you'll find many examples of various techniques used by eCommerce industry leaders. Best practices from companies like Allegro, Google, Tinder, and Trivago, are ready to download!

What's inside?


Comparisons of the current status of mobile conversions


Reasons behind low mobile performance in eCommerce


A summary of the best practices used to optimize the conversion rate in mobile devices


Useful tools to help improve the optimization process


Game changers for mobile eCommerce

Meet the authors

  • Tom Karwatka

    Tom Karwatka

    Advisory Board Member at Divante


  • Paweł Ogonowski

    Paweł Ogonowski

    COO & Co-founder at Growcode


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