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An open-source B2B UI template for eCommerce

Update: mobile version available!

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CommerceBooster is the first open-source, user interface (UI) template for B2B eCommerce.
It’s available for free on the Figma Community and optimized for commercetools and Vue Storefront.
Designed by the Divante Product Team, it’s literally saving months of work for anyone starting B2B eCommerce projects.

CommerceBooster - An open-source B2B UI template for e-commerce | Product Hunt

Framework agnostic, developer-friendly

CommerceBooster is ready to be implemented into any modern JS framework, like React, Vue, and Angular. We’re not shipping the actual implementation files, however, they can be easily generated and coded directly out of Figma.

Figma lets you export ready-made style sheets and HTML code. Divante’s experts can help to customize and code the site as well.

Optimized for commercetools

We’ve spent countless hours working closely with commercetools’ Product Team to align all the designed features to the platform API. This includes advanced product filtering and other dedicated B2B features.

It’s probably the best available UI solution for shortening the implementation time on commercetools. We’re not shipping the front-end code itself, but all the components and pages are fully compliant in regards to data structures and attributes.

Unique B2B features

B2B users want to have the same UX as B2C clients. In other words, marked. Their needs must be fulfilled with unique features, like company hierarchies, multiple carts, quotation engines, order approvals, quick order forms, credit limits, roles, and permissions.

All these features, and many more, are marked.

API, headless, and progressive web app ready

We’re fully compliant with API-first and headless from the MACH standard. That means all the interactions with users are designed with the async API calls in mind.

We’ve been based on commercetools as the B2B back-end platform and have in mind the Vue Storefront composable API data structures.

CommerceBooster contains 10 full-page designs consisting of more than 100 UI components

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