The operator launched its new portal, which is distinguished by a simple structure and intuitive navigation. All this is set in an elegant layout, which provides a modern look and is very user-friendly. Looking for a carrier offer? Want to learn more about the Plus products and services? From today, it’s much easier.



How do we know that the new site was supposed to look like this, and not otherwise? Plus heeded not only the guidance of our UX and design experts, but also took into consideration all customers’ preferences. The site is now suitable for a wide range of portfolios and at the same time simple and intuitive to navigate.


The new portal has been entirely designed in accordance with the guidelines of RWD (Responsive Web Design). The look, functionality and layout of particular pages automatically adapt to the screen size of the device which is currently being used. Pages created using this technique are universal and present their content clearly on computers, tablets and smartphones screens.

Share of eCommerce in total sales 400 %



The portal uses the best practices and the highest standards of ​​web design, making navigation and selection of offers extremely simple and intuitive. Companies supporting Plus in this project are Divante and Asseco Poland.





The result – four times greater share of eCommerce in total sales in the first month after starting the new store.


Technologies and solutions used in Plus project

User Experience Design

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