Loods5, as one of the Netherlands’ largest resellers of design products, including furniture and home decor products, decided to enrich its offer of retail shops with an online platform.



  • communication with the client, enforcing materials and descriptions of operation, graphics for the front-end developers, etc.

  • cutting and coding of the shop’s layout, implementing a new design from scratch in accordance with the project provided by the client

  • backend work associated with certain custom solutions, tailoring the existing modules to the client’s requirements

  • preparation and configuration of the test environment – server and database in development environment

  • communication within the project team: dailies lasting 15-30 min.; all design work carried out using SCRUM methodology

  • planning work and human resource allocation, planning sprints and the backlog,

  • delegating completed tasks for tests

  • updating the application code (usually every 2 weeks)






  • products sold by different vendors – Loods5 online shop is a platform on which different retailers can offer their products, thanks to the dedicated administrative panel

  • generating reports for settlements with vendors




  • linking and adapting to its requirements a list of purchased modules

  • integrating the portal for vendors with the Magento panel

  • using a debugger was not possible (some modules from the Unirgy family had their code protected by the ionCube Loader Helper mechanism), which lengthened the development time and made the testing more difficult

  • inconsistent graphic designs (some of the graphics provided by an outside agency, some by Loods 5), which did not always meet the front-end requirements

  • problems with module integration, which made constant contact with the Unirgy support and authors of other modules necessary

  • lack of a full functional and system analysis (no mock-ups and interaction maps, lack of documentation, lack of outlined business requirements)




Implementing the eCommerce platform for Loods5 brought not only an increase in the quality of team performance and the generated code, but also (and above all) immediate business benefits for the client.


The next step will be adding a new search module with advanced inflection support – SOLR, updating Magento CE platform to version 1.9.1, and implementing AWD and a new, improved design of the purchasing path.


Download: Loods 5 - full project case study

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