What qualities should a Business Development Manager have?

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Focusing on customer success and engagement, a gift for sharing visions of success, working autonomously and with flexibility. These are just a few of the many qualities a Business Development Manager should have. If the description fits you, check what Divante has on offer. 

Divante is looking for a Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager in Divante will focus on searching for and acquiring new clients, and closing deals. He or she will analyze clients’ needs and prepare sales offers, as well as cooperating with delivery in the sales process by participating in workshops, preparing project estimations, negotiating contracts, and transferring the project. The Business Development Manager can count on the Outreach, Marketing, and HR departments to give support when needed. 

We are looking for a go-getter who is strongly focused on reaching goals. Somebody with an open mind who likes to learn and is not afraid to ask. 

What qualities should a Business Development Manager at Divante have?

Curiosity about technology 

A business development manager must, first of all, be a person who is interested in technology. This doesn’t mean a blind fascination with futuristic tech visions. It is about using technology on a daily basis as a tool for activities from shopping to banking and beyond. He or she cannot stand aside and look at technology. A Business Development Manager must be constantly looking and learning, closely observing the landscape of constant change. 

Focusing on customer success and engagement

A good business development manager at Divante must understand the client’s needs, offer sound advice, and focus on customer success and engagement. It’s all about business empathy determining what challenges are on the client’s side. 

Because we are a multi-tech partner, we set up the sales set from A to Z and not from A to P. This requires an understanding of the entire sales cycle and the needs and ambitions of the product on the market. eCommerce is not complicated but you have to understand that many aspects determine the solution. Such a person is supposed to do soft consulting, talking to the customer and bringing out their real needs

Piotr Maksim, Chief Growth Officer at Divante

An effective Business Development Manager can identify a situation when the client is treating Divante as a serious advisory partner and trusts the BDM enough to discuss real internal challenges. 

The business development manager should not be seen as a predator ready to pounce on the client’s budget. They should allow the client to make the best use of that budget. This is a difficult skill. The best salespeople make sure that there is a connection between the customer and the company. They build an offer that makes sense and make sure the client feels that his project is being realized by a whole team of people

Piotr Maksim

Good communication skills in an international environment

Divante operates on the global market and is growing very fast. A Business Development Manager needs to feel comfortable in an international environment and understand how global partners and clients think. It’s a position for an extrovert who loves spending time with people, even if we meet mostly virtually these days. 

A high level of proficiency in the English language is a must as we work with international partners and clients.


Autonomy, for us, means drive and self-organization. Working as a Business Development Manager, you have to act alone much of the time but also know when to reach out for support instead of waiting for help. This is a very autonomous function. 

In Divante, you need to be independent, but also you can not be a lone wolf. There are too many things you cannot cover on your own. It is best to be independent with your tasks and self-motivated but to be a team player when it comes to project realization.

Zelimir Gusak, eCommerce Consultant, Divante


A Business Development Manager has to have a sense of urgency and be assertive. Time passes quickly and it is essential to respond to the customer or deliver promised items from the offer on time. 

As a Business Development Manager, your task is to lead internal communication and coordinate the necessary stakeholders in the offer creation and negotiation process.

Sabrina Janssen, Head of Sales DACH at Divante

Such a person should keep an eye on the time and work to a plan. They also need to know when to let things go if the client is unresponsive or the proposed cooperation will not be profitable. People do not often have that sense of timing. They think it will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. BDMs need to have the ability to make strong decisions and move forward without delay. 

The skill of painting visions

Divante does not sell finished products from the catalog.

We are painting visions of doing a project. This isn’t easy because we tell the customer something that will only work when the store is opened. A Business Development Manager has to be perfectly capable of doing this and selling promises skillfully. Arouse desire, explain well, and visualize.

Piotr Maksim

Hunger for knowledge

When you come to Divante, you might be overwhelmed by the volume of information. 

There are so many sources to learn from. It’s great and you have so many opportunities to grow, but you have to be smart. You have to prioritize what matters right now. 

Zelimir Gusak


In IT projects, there is a rigorous calendar and a short time to market, but also there are many variables. You have to be resistant to changes when working in such an environment and taking on a lot of responsibility. 

It does not work here if you are a total control freak, a person who likes to have everything planned and arranged but gets lost if something happens out of control. You have to plan, both long- and short-term, but be aware of the changeability of the environment in which you work. When you see a specific business goal, you can spread out actions and identify things that have to happen during this time, but this road can be a winding road. It’s best if you can plan ahead but be willing to pivot at speed if needed.

Piotr Maksim

Why is it worth working as the Business Development Manager in Divante?

There are many reasons why it is worth joining Divante as a Business Development Manager. Let’s mention a few. 

Divante works for top tier, global players that create technology for the eCommerce industry. We have direct contact with the clients. Our culture is one of trying; nobody criticizes others for having ideas or looking for better solutions, and bottom-up activities are never stifled. It is a workplace in which people can develop quickly in many ways. Divante is a great place to grow and develop your career. Want to know more? Check the stories of Tomasz Anioł, Filip Rakowski, Artur Wala, and Stanley Świątkiewicz

Sounds like a dream job for you?

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Published November 6, 2020