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There’s no one B2B process, but there’s OneBot to serve them all

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Purchasing processes in the B2B industry have different conditions than those in B2C. We know it. Just like we know that trends migrate between industries to facilitate shopping and reduce the effort to get your job done.

B2B buyers aren’t sure if they’re buying the right product, and they contact customer service to confirm. This is happening while human-based customer service is getting nothing but more expensive. If they can’t get the information about alternative products and variants, they usually leave the site instead of searching for alternatives. To put it another way , according to a Gartner study, 57% to 90% of the buying process is completed before a sales resource is engaged, and buyers want it to be self-handed, without the help of shop staff, as long as possible.
Because of this, there’s a huge need for a guided approach to purchasing.

What’s the solution? The bottom line:

  • An artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot based on assumptions of conversational commerce simplis the B2B buyer journey. We're here to help users find a solution and not just a product.

  • Guided shopping serves new users with research and product. recommendations and regular customers with the handling of orders.

  • When most of the solution focuses on product pages, we come in when the user needs us as well as on search, category pages, and checkout.



  • Conversations based on a personalization tool and customer behavior.

  • A shareable solution that allows for entire teams to collaborate on an order together.

  • Generates the offer based on the conversation.

Who did we create this for?

We’ll start with companies from the manufacturing sector, like electronics, power tools, and construction, because we have experience and extensive expertise in working with this industry.  We’re focusing on two main user personas: distributors and problem solvers or installers. Distributors need business consulting services rather than products or the application of tools. Problem solvers need guidance for their job.

Why’s it more than just a chatbot?

OneBot is a B2B conversational commerce platform based on the newest technologies. It allows users to interact in various places on the website and not only in a chat window. Chat is just one of its functionalities. In this way, it’s able to conduct the whole guided shopping experience from the first session through the checkout process to service customers' orders.
We know that developing digital configurators is expensive, takes a long time, and that there’s a need to create configurations of products for non-technical people. Responding to the market’s requirements, we decided to enrich the tool with the Configurator Creator. 


Main benefits of using OneBot

The tool eliminates problems faced in B2B commerce while also fulfilling additional functions that facilitate work:

  • A maximum extension of the time when the user covers the entire process.
  • Thanks to the use of the personalization engine, OneBot responds to, and even exceeds, the needs of customers. 
  • They know when and where to start the conversation on the website.
    - In the absence of a product, the bot offers replacements or other alternatives.

On top of that, it plays an educational role. It guides the client through the process and suggests articles or videos if additional knowledge is needed. Thanks to this, the client feels cared for and safe, and does not abandon the process.

Purchasing automation allows for a significant reduction in customer service. The bot is learning with each human response This learning is done both in terms of the total knowledge of the assortment along with the specific jargon and tone of voice of the customer.

Each B2B buying process is unique and complicated. That’s why OneBot is fully customized to meet the clients’ needs. Various elements can be replaced based on the individual characteristics of both the business and its users.


OneBot helps guarantee true potential for growth, especially when it gets integrated with simple analytics and ticket management platforms. It’s an incremental innovation, without useless gimmicks, that will improve your current processes with a future-proof technical approach.

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Published August 19, 2021