Samsung Fold 2, voice commerce for Bixby and other news from SDC 2019

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The Samsung Developers Conference is over. This fantastic event became the premiere scene for Samsung Fold 2, the Bixby marketplace, and its first voice eCommerce tool. Let’s sum up the most important announcements from SDC 2019!

Samsung Electronics has been organizing global developer conferences since 2013 to discuss ways to activate the smart ecosystem and support developers. Thousands of developers, innovators, technicians and content creators participated in this year’s Samsung Developers Conference.

The key topics at the SDC opening were Bixby, the IoT, security and user experiences, and Samsung experts and IT leaders were talking mainly about these eCommerce trends. The event was also the announcement platform for various programming tools and development environments, such as the Bixby Developer Studio Marketplace. 

Samsung Fold 2


Finally, the highlight of the evening was the presentation of the new flexible display, which is seen as a teaser of Samsung Fold 2. Based on the One UI 2 display, it has the ability to present any content — even when the device is… folded!

The One UI 2 display also guarantees the same User Experience on all devices, which is appreciated in omnichannel purchase paths.

Bixby Developer Studio

Another great announcement was the Samsung Bixby Developer Studio, which is a tool to create Bixby capsules. The Developers’ Studio will open up Bixby to developers by releasing a collection of tools that will give developers everything they need to develop apps and add Bixby support to their current apps. As you can see in the image below, in just a few clicks your capsule can work on any Samsung device, like a TV, Smartwatch or even a refrigerator. 

Importance of security

Throughout the whole conference, Samsung emphasized how important safety is to them.


Samsung Knox is a background security service designed to protect user data on Samsung devices. A secure device gives you the freedom to work and play, when and where you want. Samsung Knox consists of a highly secure platform, which is integrated into Samsung devices. Whether you want to keep your personal photographs private or remotely, Knox is for you.

Learn more about it in the video:

Voice for Bixby assistant

For Divante, Samsung Developers Conference was the moment to present the solution that connects voice with eCommerce and shortens the customer journey as much as possible.

The voice solution for Bixby was developed by the Upside and Divante teams, who came up with a solution that combines Bixby’s capabilities, our Progressive Web Application solution and any backend (in this demo we used Magento). So, whenever you have Bixby next to you, you can enter the purchase path by asking your voice assistant. 

Learn more about Bixby and voice eCommerce!

And see you next year at the Samsung Developers Conference 2020!

Published November 14, 2019