Q&A – what should you know about Progressive Web Apps today?

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While attending eCommerce events worldwide, we get loads of questions concerning Progressive Web Apps. Only at Magento Imagine 2018, we talked with over 50 people.

We spoke a lot about VueStorefront (our PWA solution for online shops), Magento connections and discussed various initiatives concerning PWAs (Progressive Web Apps).

Let’s see what people usually ask while talking about PWAs development.

Progressive Web Apps
Questions & Answers

General Questions about PWAs:

Why is there so much discussion about PWA? Isn’t it just another standard?

The PWA is an entirely new approach for designing apps. For the user, they might appear just like traditional apps or native mobile apps, but they’re not as they work on a modern browser in the backend. The benefits: increased speed, working offline and lower maintenance cost (you get one app that works on desktop and mobile devices). What’s more, there is no need for additional mobile apps.

How fast can a PWA be?

Very fast :). Let’s take VueStorefront as an example: the full page load + rendering when the local (device storage) is empty is 2 seconds or less. Then, after data is cached via service workers and indexed, the typical response time for user action / subsequent page load times are well under 0.3s which is an extreme result compared to typical websites. Everything is so fast thanks to the offline support – basically, no network requests are executed after the working set is downloaded to your device memory.

VueStorefront load time: 2.20 sec.

How can I start to implement a PWA in my store?

Start with a proof of concept to check the business benefits of a PWA. With it, you can soft launch with your checkout still in your Magento.

Read more: Proof of Concept —how to run PWA for Magento in a week


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Questions about PWA initiatives:

What are examples of PWA community initiatives?

Most popular at the moment are: VueStorefront, Deity Mobify.

What is the difference between community initiatives and the PWA Studio?

The PWA studio is a framework while the community initiatives are products ready to use on multiple platforms.

The difference e.g. between Vue Storefront and PWA Studio is also in a technological stack (Vue vs React)

Shouldn’t we wait for the PWA Studio?

It depends if you can wait. The solutions offered by community initiatives are already available on the market. These are ready-to-use solutions. The PWA Studio will be available in summer 2018.

Do community initiatives competes with the PWA Studio?

No. Community initiatives present a different approach and do not compete with the PWA Studio. They present full eCommerce apps which work out of the box. The PWA Studio is a suite of tools to build progressive web apps from scratch.


Questions about VueStorefront:

What is VueStorefront?

VueStorefront is a mobile-first Progressive Web App storefront. As a headless app, it can be connected to any eCommerce platform backend (e.g. Magento, Prestashop). It is an ultrafast and off-line ready solution.

What is the business model for VueStorefront?

VueStorefront is an open-source solution (MIT license). It is and will be for FREE. For those who need it,  VueStorefront offers additional consulting and training.

What is the status of work?

VueStorefront is a production ready solution. The first implementation of VueStorefront will be presented soon. VueStorefront is supported by over 250 developers on slack and 16 partners including Summa Solutions, Snowdog, and Develo//design. VueStorefront offers additional language packages (EN, DE, NL, FR) and connectors for Magento 1, Magento 2 and Pimcore.

What about PWA and Magento1?

Haha! We got it covered with VueStorefront! Check how you can integrate it Vue Storefront Technical Webcast.

Why did you choose Vue, not React for your solution?

The Vue.js eco-system (Vuex, Nuxt.js ..) is pretty coherent. It’s fairly easy to choose the right solution. Additionally, Vue.js has a simple learning curve and it is easy to get started with. This solution has great potential and is rapidly growing. Read more to learn it better.

Can I use plugins?

Yes! you can use plugins by calling the Vue.use(PluginName). Vue Storefront is a standard Vue.js app which means everything that works on a normal app works here – including thousands of vue plugins and libraries.


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Published May 15, 2018