Online stores based on CoreShop can now enjoy PWA features, like high speed, and offline readiness. All that thanks to Vue Storefront integration with CoreShop.


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CoreShop is an eCommerce framework constructed for Pimcore. Working together, Pimcore and CoreShop provide a clear and simple backend based on Symfony, with an admin panel for product and order management. CoreShop’s eCommerce features list includes over a dozen extendable and adjustable features that improve online stores’ performance.

CoreShop PWA solution

Progressive Web Apps are the new standard for web applications. Designed with a mobile-first approach, they offer a high-quality user experience on mobile and any other device.

CoreShop-based online stores can be enriched with PWA features thanks to the integration with Vue Storefront. This ultra-fast, standalone PWA storefront can be connected via a dedicated API module prepared for CoreShop’s backend.



The module is created as a Pimcore Symfony Bundle and provides the native data exchange capabilities of pushing entities to Elastic Search and exposing all required dynamic endpoints.

CoreShop CoreShop

Storefront view and CMS panel with an order transmitted from Vue Storefront to CoreShop.

Key PWA features

The Vue Storefront integration with CoreShop covers logging in, registering, managing the user account, browsing, shopping carts, placing orders, configurable products, and many more functions. It also allows for real-time synchronization of product, category and attribute catalogs stored in Pimcore.

What’s most important, it enables PWA features in CoreShop-based online stores. The key Vue Storefront PWA features for CoreShop are:

  • low transfer usage
  • offline functionality
  • high-speed performance
  • app-like feel on mobile platforms
  • support of native mobile functions, e.g push notifications


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PWA benefits for CoreShop

Online stores based on the CoreShop framework benefit by implementing PWA technology. First of all, the PWA standard dramatically decreases loading time and aligns online stores with Google’s Mobile-First Indexing and Pagespeed ranking factor in the mobile search.

Secondly, with a PWA, online stores can enjoy mobile-app features without actually having a mobile app. Online stores with PWA functionality can be saved on the home screen (with an icon), perform full-screen view, and re-engage users with push-notification in online and offline mode.

Developing a PWA with Vue Storefront is a joy for developers, as it leverages Vue.js and other modern frameworks. It is also fast to implement or test, as running a Proof of Concept for Vue Storefront takes ~ 160 working hours.

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The Vue Storefront integration for CoreShop-based online stores has been developed with an open source licence by Divante eCommerce Software House and is available at