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In Divante, we focus on using the right technology to support sales and business needs. So far, there was no CRM system that can be directly integrated with eCommerce platform. That’s why we interested in OroCRM.

At the beginning, we found this system a little bit coarse but slowly, we became convinced to the vision of its creators. It was even a more believable idea because of the story behind this project – it was created by Magento authors, who left the company after merging it with eBay.

This is not OroCRM itself that is going to revolutionize the market. This revolution can be done by the framework OroCRM is based on. OroPlatform is an open-source platform designed to build business applications. The framework provides a lot of components ready to use as well as the coherence and security of every application created.

It is difficult here not to look for the similarities to SalesForce. The designers of both systems started from CRM (the heart of every B2B company) and after winning the customer database they expanded the offer by creating an operating system for business. In case of OroPlatform, we have all the SalesForce’s advantages and one big extra advantage – Open Source. It allows choosing any hosting of data and developing application faster.


Already, the applications running on OroPlatform allow you to build advanced Omnichannel systems, supporting sales across all channels. You can even attempt to cross this kind of system with the functionalities that are offered by the SAP Hybris.

We offer, therefore, CRM, PIM, ERP (Order Management in general), and eCommerce. Most of our implementations were realized in Magento and finally we came to the moment where we are able to replace Magento into any other system :) With OroPlatform we no longer have to bend Magento. Surely, we will be using this platform as the base technology for B2C eCommerce but for building advanced sales support systems OroPlatform fits much better.

As the future of eCommerce is the Omnichannel and the mix of all sales methods (consulting, content marketing, augmented reality), OroPlatform can become a cornerstone of the entire eCommerce 3.0. This eCommerce will be current in all channels and based on tens of applications – including IoT, the intelligent agents (as Alexa) and call centers to support the ground sales force.

Now, OroPlatform needs to build a community and quickly show some complex implementations. If it succeeds, we will gain the excellent open-source counterweight to SalesForce.

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Published April 23, 2016