What makes Pimcore so special – from the agency point of view

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Divante’s origins are in eCommerce. I remember when a huge client from the energy industry asked us about building their new website in line with modern eCommerce practices. We were looking for a flexible and modern CMS and we found Pimcore. Our developers loved it and our client was very happy after implementation. From that moment on, we have developed many Pimcore projects and we have been showing Pimcore to many other agencies, and they love it.

What makes Pimcore so special?

Training is easy

The current version of Pimcore is based on the well known Symfony 3, one of the most popular frameworks. The additional code layer provided by Pimcore is miniscule, compared to Magento. The architecture is plain and simple, and honestly, most of the time you don’t have to worry about it. That’s why you need 3 months to train a Magento Developer and only 2 weeks to train a Pimcore developer.

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Small but very vibrant community

The community of Pimcore agencies is relatively small if you compare this to other CMS communities, but this is also a huge advantage. People know each other and are open to cooperation. We routinely work with many agencies across Europe to complete projects together. Especially active community partners are: Ateles, Basilicom, MDS, OSS Cube, Youwe, Gather Digital, Brazn, Lightning Jar, Elements, Studio Emma, Blackbit, Datasolution, Brunner, anyMOTION, CReating Web, Incoxx, Arvato, Swiss Dev, Grey Digital,GmDe,Weblizards, Ouellwerke, Senzo, Iluvison, GFE Media, Rio Digital, Active Publishing.

Modern technology stack

Symfony 3 is the base for the newest version of Pimcore (5). Many developers prefer the newest technology stack because they feel they can develop themselves. It is much easier to hire a developer with Symfony 3 knowledge than it is with the Zend framework.

Built by developers for developers

The whole platform is built for developers so they really like it. We have seen that developers from IT departments, in even the biggest companies, are eager to find out more about Pimcore, and treat the platform as a great opportunity to learn.

Great UX for admins and editors

In Pimcore What You See Is What You Get is a true statement. Everything is very easy to edit and looks exactly as you intended. There is no need to hire a frontend-developer to make a change in the layout.

The whole concept of a Pimcore backed system is quite flexible but still very easy to get familiar with.


Compounding PIM, CMS, DAM and eCommerce

Probably the biggest advantage of Pimcore is that you can build PIM, CMS, DAM and eCommerce on one platform. This is extremely convenient and allows businesses to keep the cost of ownership low. No risky integration needed. Everything is written in the same technology and you don’t need to integrate different systems.

Workflow management

Pimcore fully supports workflow management while processing data. You can map all the internal processes of your client into Pimcore. You can, for example, start with the DAM module and process all client’s photos for the products, organize them, and even edit them! The workflow module can help you to take them to the PIM module where all the products can be paired with the photos that have gone through the editing and reviewing process, then it’s a straight way to the eCommerce module, where clients are selling.

Great for B2B and Fashion

When you connect PIM with CMS and eCommerce it turns out that you have just created an ideal platform for Fashion and B2B. Luckily, these two are the fastest growing eCommerce segments. So you can address these two segments with a complex offer using only one solution. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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Open Source Enterprise PIM

Of course there are many Open Source eCommerce platforms and CMS platforms. But there are not so many Open Source PIMs. So this is another huge plus for Pimcore. When you compare Pimcore to old-school PIMs that many companies are still using, you will win the deal every time. Adding to that flexibility and being open, means this is a killer-app for a PIM category.

Customer Experience

You can build a comprehensive User Experience on Pimcore, not only because you have one source of product information, but also because you have quite complex tools for segmenting and targeting users. You can personalize content with Pimcore without any third party solutions.

Flexible but also very fast

The Pimcore data model comes with an exceptional “connect anything” architecture. It is agile, hyper-flexible and highly adept at handling tens of millions of products or master data with thousands of different attributes. We have conducted many performance tests with Pimcore and it looks like we haven’t found a limit yet :)

Integrations and imports are piece of cake

Through its one of a kind API driven approach, it can integrate into practically any IT landscape. We routinely import clients’ data for workshops, only to show the client that this is very easy. Of course, this always makes a huge impression on our clients and helps us make a deal.

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Feature rich

Showing a demo of Pimcore is a pleasure. Clients are always very excited and this helps us every time.


Key “good to show” features include:

  • Intuitive drag&drop interface
  • Very smooth and natural support for mobile
  • Great graphical editor
  • Impressive targeting and personalization tools
  • Easy data integration mechanism
  • Multi-language and multi-domain suppor

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Published September 5, 2018