Basically, my friends always tell me that I’m rather reserved when it comes to new technologies. Last to be excited, late to adopt. I think it’s because I tend to score new solutions on the scale of reliability and safety. Remember we’re in eCommerce, where high availability (or rather lack of) equals money or no-money.

So, in short words, this is the reason I’m excited about Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. It combines cool new features and ease of use with proven architecture and tools.

As you probably have heard – cloud edition is PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution based on Amazon AWS (as hardware layer) and (as managing layer). You can generate in few clicks new environment with already installed MySQL, apache, and singing, configured Magento Enterprise and everything you need to run your store. You can use API/shell script to do so as well.

Magento gives you (in price) Enterprise license (for pricing few parameters are considered: normal transaction count, peak transaction count, storage, transfer / page views). You can also extend your architecture adding new Amazon cores or / and S3 storage capacity.

What’s thrilling – Magento ensures SLA for your all architecture and application as well as guarantees performance. So it becomes one stop solution for maintaining your shop.

Today at Magento Live UK 2016 some architectural details were unveiled. I have to say that internal architecture looks really cool. I’ve to admit that in fact we’re using similar architecture in our biggest implementations (and it works fine for thousand of orders per hour and 5+ million real users for few our customers).

Technology stack backing MEC:

  • Debian GNU/Linux 8 (Jessie),
  • Nginx 1.8,
  • PHP 7 (but 5.5 and 5.6 also available),
  • MySQL 10.0 (Maria DB in Galera Cluster),
  • Redis 2.8 & 3.0,
  • Solr 4.0 (new Magento 2.1 – published today comes with Elastic search support!),
  • RabbitMQ 3.5,
  • Elastic Search 1.7.

Architecture is the pro!

  • in front of your service, they put (Full page cache / CDN and DDoS protection service) – which is great, it’s based on Varnish (with ESI support, in fact, they’ve rewritten a lot of Redis core code to support additional features like content invalidation – cool solution),
  • then you have Elastic Load balancing where you can model your application requests and routing,
  • then you have amazon EC2 instances with Nginx and web layer installed and Redis caching layer,
  • instances are synchronized using Gluster FS,
  • at the end, there is MariaDB database cluster.

Of course, automatic deploys are made to Amazon S3. In price you receive eight instances – so there is no problem to create staging / testing versions and use them to maintain zero-downtime deploys.


What’s also great you get access to New Relic and integrated and ready to use and monitor your site. Developers also have SSH access to the servers (but without root access).

If you’re interested in pricing or demo appliance please send us an e-mail to it will be great if you give us some capacity numbers like orders per day, orders in peak (/h), a number of unique users per month to return back with estimation.

It’s great way to get rid of hosting issues.

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