Imagine Magento General Session summary (Day 2 & Day 3)

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Imagine Magento – DAY 2

Drums, violins, saxophone, trumpet, guitar and of course warbles. All those things surprised us at the beginning of the Imagine Magento General Session yesterday. Musicians started to play among us, over 2500 attendees, heading to the main stage.

Imagine Magento General Session

And when they finished the other spectacle started and it was run by Jamie Clark – what a great host he was! Great preludium for what was waiting for us, meaning the most important announces and news from Magento’s CEO Mark Lavelle.

Imagine Magento General Session

Here are the things he shared with us:

We got to know what’s the Magento’s Global Reach

Imagine Magento General Session

He introduced the most important Solution partners (they have over 300 of them!)

Imagine Magento General Session

Also Magento’s categorize technology partners, showing us what kind of ecosystem they want to create:

  • Payments – PayPal
  • Email Marketing Software and Marketing Automation – Dotmailer
  • Real-time content delivery network – Fastly
  • Software analytics tool – New Relic
  • Automated Sales Tax Reporting & Filing Tax Jar
  • Intelligent Shipping and fulfillment Software – Temando

Mark also recognize Magento Community, and during General Session he honored the best Makers from Master Magento Program (which has three kinds of members: Makers, Mentors and Movers)

Jamie Clark

The most important announces from General Sessions at Imagine Magento

CEO Mark Lavelle

Magento introduced Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

It’s a platform-as-a-service offering that enables rapid deployment of fully customizable, secure, and scalable web storefronts, combined with a leading hosting and managed services infrastructure. Designed to support Magento Enterprise digital commerce software, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition takes advantage of the architecture and functionality enhancements provided by versions 2.0.5 onward. It will be available May 1st. and you can read more about it on their website.

Magento Commerce Launches Next-Generation Magento Marketplace

The official Magento extension store provides merchants with a simplified user experience for easy discovery of curated, high-quality products and services to extend the functionality of their Magento stores and to deliver ever-more-engaging experiences to their customers. Further, the Marketplace offers extension developers access to a large and growing customer base.

Merchants will enjoy the ability to more quickly discover new products and services to extend the functionality of their Magento stores and deliver value to their customers. The Marketplace showcases curated extensions that have gone through a manual code audit for an even higher level of quality assurance, and new editorial content to highlight new functionality and innovative solutions that are being developed on the Magento platform. In essence, the Magento Marketplace provides a one-stop resource for all things Magento.

Imagine Magento – DAY 3

So Imagine Commerce is already over. It was a blast! We had a chance to talk with specialists, and meet a lot of interesting people, with whom we want to keep in touch after coming back to Poland.

Last day was important for us because of Magento’s Imagine Excellence Awards gala. It’s the Magento’s official award for the best online stores around the world and our project for TIM SA was qualified for the finals for The Best B2B User Experience. Together with TIM’s CEO, Krzysztof Folta, we’ve attended this event, and even though this project didn’t get the first place (congrats to Gallagher Europe!), we became one of three, the best eCommerce stores in the World! It’s a truly big honor!

Besides the gala itself we’ve attended second General Session, where we’ve discovered what’s the performance of Magento 2.0 – it’s really going well!

second General Session
Imagine Magento

Even more exciting news was that Magento Commerce platform has been adopted by the Fraport Airport Group to power a first-of-its-kind airport omnichannel commerce experience for Frankfurt Airport (FRA) travelers. Airports have become premier retail venues, and as such, empowering traditional omnichannel retail experiences that consumers expect—like buy online or in the air and pick-up, ship or deliver from store—within the unique dynamics of an airport, has become a key business priority.

Keynoting at Imagine 2016, Kai Schmidhuber, SVP of Multichannel at Fraport AG, shared the rationale and best practices behind Frankfurt Airport’s successful launch into omnichannel commerce: “Bringing this level of convenience to our customers is a reflection of our commitment to not only stay ahead of the technology curve, but to deliver great travel experiences to all who pass through our airport. With Magento’s digital commerce and order management technology, we’re able to pioneer a new way of delivering value to our customers and retailers alike.”

Imagine Magento

Magento announced also that in June they will release Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1 and Community Edition 2.1 which will feature new functionality and capabilities. Both will include new payments functionality and user interface improvements, while Enterprise Edition will also offer enhanced staging and preview and Elasticsearch. You can find out more about new release at Magento’s website. 

Imagine Magento
Imagine Magento
Magento Enterprise
Magento Enterprise

In Q3 2016 we will enjoy new Magento Enterprise Edition B2B Module 

Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1

And that’s all! It’s time to come back to Poland, roll up our sleeves and keep working using all the knowledge we gained thanks to this event. Thank you to organizers for the awesome three days! Hope to stay in touch and see you at the next Magento Imagine April 3-4th 2017!

PS. Here is an official aftermovie and it’s as awesome as the event!

Imagine 2016 Highlight Video from Magento on Vimeo.

Published April 13, 2016