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How to discover eCommerce trends in 2023 with eCommerce Trend Radar

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At Divante, we deal with innovations. We’ve been watching and analyzing the modern eCommerce tech market for years. We share the results of what we see in our publications and article about trends in eCommerce as well as building products like Vue Storefront and Open Loyalty.

The obvious con of publishing an eBook is that the data grows old in a couple of months because it’s such a fast-paced industry. That’s why, this time, we’re providing you with something better than just a PDF file. We created a research tool that will help you identify eCommerce trends and develop your vision for the future. 

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What is eCommerce Trend Radar?

eCommerce Trend Radar is a dashboard that aggregates the data from eCommerce experts' scores, search volume, and adoption of various eCommerce technologies. The clusters of those technologies form eCommerce trends. You can analyze the data on a chart, compare the trends to each other, and predict their future performance. 

Trend radar dashboard to analyze eCommerce trends

How to identify eCommerce trends?

The radar consists of two main sections: 

Trends section

The trends section gives you a list of trends sorted by their overall score. It’s a number that combines all the data to give you an instant idea of the strength of the trend. 

  • The indicator next to the number shows if the number increased, decreased, or stalled in the last month. 
  • The numbers below present the change in experts’ opinions, market adoption, and search score.

Trend radar section - trends

You can select the trend to see detailed information on its performance.

The detailed view shows you a description of the trend, a list of useful links, all the detailed numbers, and a list of technologies that we track for the adoption score. It also highlights the trend on the chart and indicates its previous position.

Trend radar section - trend details

Score overview section

The score overview section is a chart showing how the trends are positioned against each other based on three values:

Experts’ score

X-axis presents the experts' score, which shows how our experts identified the trends on a scale from 1 to 100. 

Adoption score

Y-axis presents the adoption score, which shows how many websites use technologies correlated with the trend. We use data from BuiltWith

Search score

The size of the dot indicates the search score, showing the interest of Google search users in technologies related to the trends. We use data from Google Keyword Planner

Trend radar score overview


How do eCommerce trends change over time?

When you click one of the trends, the chart will show you how the trend progressed over the last four months. Based on this historical data, the trend radar will also show you a vector for the future of the chosen trend.

Trend radar score progression

Start discovering trends with eCommerce Trend Radar

Is the tech you’ve bet on trending upwards? Are there some new up-and-coming trends you should keep an eye on? Are some of the trends losing their impact? Subscribe to the trend radar notifications to make sure you’re up to date with all that’s happening in eCommerce.

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Published April 4, 2023