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The Home & Decoration industry is extremely competitive. You need an effective strategy to compete with leading companies. Keeping clients on your site, website speed, cross promotion and branding are just a few tactics that are effective in this industry. We’ve worked with many Home & Decoration clients around Europe and learnt a lot about the industry. That’s why we compiled a report after extensive research and interviews.

The report aims at identifying success factors that are effective within the Home & Decoration industry.

Some of our findings involved:

  • 13% of customers would not visit the store at all, if they are not able to check the availability of a product they are interested in.
  • It was proven that each 1s of delay in the website loading time, decreases the conversion rate by 7%.
  • Strong eCommerce channel makes it easier for the companies to reduce the effects of seasonality
  • Customers with strong brands can obtain even 200% increase in the conversion of comparable assortments.

If you work for the Home & Decoration industry or would like to read the full report to check out all the findings, contact us at sales@divante.co

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Published November 19, 2015