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Divante is an open-source company at heart and that means we have great, open business relationships with specialists and companies from across the eCommerce domain. The logical step, as a company which believes that eCommerce has the power to change the world for the better, was to build a platform which brings people together and benefits all. I asked the people who created the Talent Platform what makes it more than an employment portal and how it can empower eCommerce. 

What is the eCommerce Talent Platform?

The eCommerce Talent Platform is a free database which can link eCommerce companies with additional talent resources. It’s made by Divante, a global eCommerce solution partner. The company is a collective of commerce enthusiasts, not an employment agency, and the aim of the Talent Platform is to help get passionate and talented people in the eCommerce industry involved in great projects. 

“Sometimes a customer contacts us and says that he wants to build a store on new technology and asks if we can help him. However, it sometimes happens that our specialists are so busy at that time that they can’t deal with the additional projects. Such situations are unsatisfying for all sides: the customer does not get what he needs and we, as a business, don’t build a positive relationship that may bear fruit in future. We have also had projects for which we lacked a specific, essential person in our team but would not want to hire someone on a short-term basis, for a single project, if we could not guarantee them more tasks in future. We care about building a stable company that offers people real career opportunities, rather than filling spaces for short-term projects, because we want people who care about what we do and want to be a part of it for the long term.”

Przemysław Wolski, Recruitment Team Leader at Divante. 

After several such situations, the team began to wonder if there was a way to satisfy everyone, which is how the Talent Platform was born. They hit upon the concept of a hub bringing together people who could help in such situations.

Przemys ław Wolski, Recruitment Team Leader at Divante

To do successful business in the eCommerce industry, you need to synchronize a lot of things, such as an online store, ERP systems, payments, warehouse, and dozens of other elements. It requires a lot of expertise. 

“It is often the case that eCommerce companies need someone very specialized for a particular short-term project. A good example is an integration with a particular external system like a new PIM or ERP. We found that it would be great to start gathering a database of specialized people who are in eCommerce. People who are ready to do the job and can help our customers in such situations.”

Tomasz Karwatka, CEO at Divante.

Who can apply and how does it work?

The eCommerce Talent Platform is a tool that can help Divante and its partners and it is open to anyone interested in eCommerce. 

The initial intention was to build a platform for specialists who are freelancers or full-time workers who want to make additional money on cool and well-paid projects. In practice, it turns out that the eCommerce Talent Platform can help in many more cases. 

“Some time ago, we were approached by a company looking for a person in a role that combined elements of both a Head and Project Manager. They needed an experienced person who would complete a specific project and then outline some vision for its further development. We looked at our network and reached out to a director from another company who had some free time and who we thought was a great fit. This person became a consultant for this particular project and also for the Management Board.

“The Divante Talent Platform goes beyond an employment portal. We strive to build connections between people and empower eCommerce as a whole by bringing passionate people together.”

Przemysław Wolski. 

It is often the case that some companies need to talk for a few hours with someone experienced. Somebody who has already done something similar. They need a consultant, advisor, or coach. 

Tomasz Karwatka (middle) – CEO at Divante

For example, a company wanting to enter the Spanish market may need an expert who knows the situation on the ground and can determine, who can say if it is worth selling, and can advise on what to look out for. They may, for example, draw attention to the fact that parcels labeled cash-on-delivery are accessible on this market. It’s crucial to offer such an option when opening a shop. Lack of such knowledge may cause the company to struggle for many months before they figure out the problem. In this way, a simple conversation can save months of issues and costs.

Divante clients are also often looking for freelancers related to writing marketing content or coding. There are plenty of possibilities in this growing eCommerce market. 

The demand for specialists with eCommerce experience is enormous. Now every company wants to start their eCommerce, so everyone is looking for people who know how to do it and can successfully manage eCommerce projects. 

“There are many indications that companies would rather hire a number of freelancers than invest in one universal soldier. It can work better with people who are specialized in their fields and can work faster. Projects are completed more quickly and, as experts in their field, freelancers earn better money—just as Divante specializes in software exclusively for eCommerce, and can, therefore, do it faster and better than others. Remote working also favors such models of cooperation.”

Tomasz Karwatka.

Given the current global situation and the shift towards remote work, the eCommerce Talent Platform looks like a perfect hub for our times.

How to apply and start cooperation? Just apply at talent.divante.com and wait for the offers to come. 

What are the benefits of the eCommerce Talent Platform for specialists? 

The eCommerce Talent Platform is designed as a win-win-win. It brings benefits to specialists, to Divante, and to its customers or partners. Let’s start with the first group.

First of all, if you are a specialist, everything is up to you. You decide what kind of work you are interested in, to what extent you are available, and what your financial expectations are. The rest is up to us. A dedicated person takes care of your application, contacts you, and gets to know more about the value you can bring to projects.

“The uniqueness of this project is that we have open access to our network. We’ve spent several years building relationships with our contacts. Our recommendation means something. By recommending you further, in a sense, we give our guarantee. This means that you are so good that we would take you if we needed you.”

Tomasz Karwatka, CEO at Divante.

Divante works for large, global brands. Such clients are often difficult to reach for a freelancer. So this is an excellent chance to work with big clients. Also, there are great opportunities to network and meet new people without changing jobs.

Talent Platform benefits Divante and the whole eCommerce industry

Divante is a company that specializes in the eCommerce market. The people behind it want to develop this market as a whole by connecting people throughout the industry. The eCommerce Talent Platform is not a platform that only Divante will use. 

“Sometimes I get the task of finding an eCommerce specialist for a potential project in a few days. Or help friendly companies in finding some sort of specialist or manager that they’re in dire need of. Such a process often needs to be addressed on the spot with a quick response. It takes a lot of skills and connections to actually conjure up whoever is needed. Having access to a network of contacts, we can find specialists almost immediately. It is not about making an extensive database in which we will keep the CVs of hundreds of people for months. It is about creating a tool that responds to the real need of companies like Divante and the growing number of eCommerce specialists.”

Przemysław Wolski.

The eCommerce world needs of your expertise

The eCommerce Talent Platform is a new project made by Divante, which may help specialists looking for a job, contract, or consultation. If you are an eCommerce specialist—from development to consultancy, design to marketing—there are top tier companies in need of your expertise for existing and potential projects. Visit talent.divante.com to apply, or just drop us a message.

Published August 13, 2020