Complex e-Commerce Implementation for Fashion Brand

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SOLAR Company is a Polish clothing brand. It has 80 chain boutiques,,  13 franchise boutiques (e.g. in Lubeck, Gent, Lviv),  7 outlet stores, 120 members of external chain and 25 partners in the neighboring countries.


The main goal was to make direct online purchase possible (regarding current collections, as well as the outlet).

Moreover, two tactical goals were defined:

  • A tool for the offline clients – Creating shopping lists and the possibility to learn about a new collection before visiting the boutique.
  • A tool for the online clients – SOLAR boutiques are famous for frequent deliveries of new products. The e-store was supposed to make it possible to follow the new items in the collections, but also to find and buy products which are already unavailable in the boutiques.


The project was implemented according to the following plan:

  • Gathering business demands
  • Interaction designing according to the User-Centered Design
  • Technical analysis and choosing integration path
  • Graphic designing
  • Implementation
  • Tests and release
  • Survey and optimization

Interactive prototypes

After gathering the client’s business demands and conducting appropriate analysis, interactive prototypes of the system were prepared. Interactive prototypes demonstrate how the application is going to work, which allows for a confrontation of the designer’s vision with the expectations of both the client and the target audience for the service.

Conceptual work on the prototypes makes verification of the ideas cheap and fast – in the subsequent phases of the project, the number of modifications diminishes. There were 9 different versions of interactive prototypes prepared. The work on the prototypes lasted 3 weeks.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Simultaneously with the designing process, integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV was conducted.  Preparing the project of integration was the first step. Prepared in cooperation with the client’s IT department, it included the detailed description of synchronization mechanisms, security systems and data formats.

The integration made two-way data exchange possible, including the number of products in stock, product features, orders. Testing the integration mechanism at an early stage of the implementation allowed us to map all the flaws and make sure they will not influence the application’s functioning.

Graphic design

Graphic designing was based on the visual identification and according to the arrangement of the elements within the interactive prototypes. As usual in Divante, a single graphic line was prepared so as to focus on the best possible mastering the project, instead of on multiplying different versions.

Graphic design does not compete with the photos of the products and the collection’s graphics. It serves as a frame for them.  The creation of the graphic design was supervised by the SOLAR experts so as to guarantee consistency.

The store was released via a technologically advanced Divante platform based on a popular Open Source solution.


Right after launching the store, a number of orders were placed. Conversion rate jumped to 2,21% and an average order value boomed.

Thanks to high usability standards, 68% purchases are made already during the first visit. After a month, as many as 15,9% purchases were fuelled by SEO.

Visit the Solar e-store:

Published February 19, 2014