Content Distribution Network can be the solution to problems in our store related to high traffic volumes. 

Every store serves a lot of static files – images, JavaScript, CSS. This is particularly evident during the holiday season and during promotional campaigns.

The majority of CDN systems offers a WWW acceleration function. While this sounds a bit enigmatic, all it means is that we can connect our image servers to a CDN. It delivers images to the user, and we supply source images; or rather, our store delivers them. There’s no need to modify any programming in order to use this service.

Let me briefly describe how this can be done – in our CDN system at SimpleStorage.

Let’s assume you’re serving files from your server – for example, This is more or less the default in every platform and the majority of CMS.

When traffic increases, transferring files to separate servers, S3 or another similar solution is usually complicated, because you have to change the way in which files are uploaded (uploading them to external resources and not a standard service – like in php move_uploaded_file …).

To take advantage of acceleration via SimpleStorage, just:

  • Create a site at Simplestorage
  • Add the source servers to the new site – e.g.
  • Change all the links from* to http://r.simplestorage/client/name_mapping/*

This setup means that after a client’s first query, the file will be downloaded form your server to the SimpleStorage distribution network and then served from our machines to the client from servers selected optimally in respect of load and speed.

ONLY real usage is billed – this is a great way to save money and speed up your page!