Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the fashion eCommerce industry: The best ideas to boost your online sales

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The strict line between offline sales on Black Friday and online deals on Cyber Monday has blurred since 2019.  However, fashion brands are preparing for comprehensive omnichannel promotions that last from a weekend to even a month around Thanksgiving Day in America. 

The fashion industry is one of the environments in eCommerce that’s changing the quickest, and retailers are racking their brains to attract new customers. When the competition so high, probably much higher than at different times of the year, how can you use your budget wisely to reach an enormous conversion rate or jump in sales? Is it still possible?

We’ve prepared a short guide that includes an overview of universal marketing and sales ideas for the fashion eCommerce industry. You can use them for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but they’ll also help you to increase your ROI for the entire year as well.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the fashion industry

This year's shopping frenzy won’t be the same as one or two years ago. Galloping inflation and an economic slowdown are influencing growth in eCommerce for the upcoming holiday season. However, it’s still possible to see an increase in sales when compared to 2021. Is the situation so bad for the eCommerce sector? Not at all.

Deloitte's annual holiday retail forecast says that retailers can expect about a 2% increase in online sales and 4% from stationary locations. So, even though you may have noticed many articles about how to save money during the shopping season, businesses can still squeeze a lot out of eCommerce by preparing the right marketing strategy for their audience.

Trends in fashion, trends in eCommerce

In the case of the fashion industry, consumers are used to a constant dose of novelty and stimulation. In this industry, fashion and technological trends are enthusiastically accepted and often go hand in hand. Because of this, marketing campaigns on Black Friday and Cyber Monday should take advantage of the latest marketing trends that mix the power of new technologies with the timeliness of the fashion business. 


Here’s a list of trends to focus on:

Go omnichannel

Combining the offline and online worlds creates an unforgettable experience for customers during their journey and, what’s more, can also influence sales growth. A survey conducted by Worldpay only proves it: 67% of consumers start searching on one channel and finalize the purchase on another. 

Take a look at this list of omnichannel solutions for the fashion industry. Simply adjust those that might help during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping extravaganza.

  • Virtual try-ons

    are an excellent solution for those who can’t or don’t want to visit shopping centers. This option might convince your customers to buy and reduce the possibility of a return because something doesn’t fit well. In general, better-matched garments have fewer returns. 

  • Buy now, pay later (BNPL)

    is a deferred payment method. Currently, many brands offer this type of payment in eCommerce. BNPL can be implemented for offline purchases when your customers use an app, for example

  • Click and collect

    is a solution that’s a mixture of offline and online experiences. It provides your customers with the possibility to search for garments online and collect them straight from the physical store. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this means no lines, crowds, or extra delivery charges, making for a smoother customer journey.

  • Streamlined checkout with a self-service solution

    is a technology that minimizes the risk that your customers will leave the shop because of long lines. It’ll also help you protect yourself against the scenario where the number of customers is more significant than usual or during a rush.

Did you know that Zara, one of Inditex’s corporation giants selling clothes and accessories, offers online ordering in their physical stores?

“Sales assistants walk around carrying iPads that customers can use to place orders for apparel that was unavailable in the physical store. The store notifies customers when their order has arrived so that they can come pick it up later.”


How cool is that?

Rewards programs

Are loyal customers the most beneficial for your brand? If the answer is yes, you should consider implementing a loyalty solution for the upcoming holiday shopping season and the entire year. Personalization and loyalty programs are game changers for the fashion sector.

By directing your discount campaign on Black Friday only to loyal, registered customers, you show them they’re essential to you. You can also determine the number of discount coupons awarded, giving you more control and the possibility for analyzing the data you get.

You might be curious how other fashion eCommerce businesses implemented their loyalty programs and how it has worked for them. If so, check out the latest case studies from the headless Open Loyalty solution.


Bloomreach describes personalization in the eCommerce sector as “the practice of using commerce data responsibly to get to know, guide, and impress your customers with experiences that are so relevant and contextual they feel like magic.” In an online world full of ads and products recommended by influencers, people are more careful and don’t pay as much attention to offers that aren’t connected with their current needs. That’s why personalization is one of the keys to success.

When you know your customers and their needs, you can better adjust your promotions to their preferences. Analyzing data about your customers’ journey through your website and what they’re looking for will help you segment them into smaller groups with similar tastes.

How can you use personalization for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Landing pages with a dedicated offer and a personalized home page are the first touch point, with almost everybody coming from anywhere to your eCommerce site. Then we have cart abandonment email notifications, customized coupons, recommended products, and recently viewed items. Those are effective tools for fashion eCommerce that’ll help boost your sales during holiday shopping. However, you might be surprised if I tell you that, in this industry, email marketing is the king of kings.

Do you know that for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI?

I assume you’re using email marketing for your brand, but focusing on personalized content inside those emails can take your stats to the next level.  

The best marketing ideas for fashion eCommerce

Like a dessert or the cherry on the top, we’ve saved the most exciting marketing ideas for fashion eCommerce until the end.

Runaway discounts:

One of the biggest eCommerce businesses selling shoes and accessories in Poland prepared for last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday by offering discounts of up to 40% off. Every hour, the value was lowered by up to 10%. When entering the website, customers saw the timer, and if someone wanted to hunt for the best deal, they had to make a decision quickly.

Limited offers:

H&M, the big fashion brand from Sweden, offered promotions for the entire week just before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Each day a different product group, like trousers, sweaters, or underwear, was discounted. The same discount and offer was never repeated. 

Sustainable Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts:

A small local brand offered a 20% discount promo code for all their products, but there was a somewhat unique option during checkout. Customers could use the discount or pay the full price, and the brand donated the amount of the discount to a charity they selected. 

Another alternative is not to participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

It’s controversial, but it might be good for your brand’s image. You should consider what’s best for your type of business and if it sticks with your overall strategy. Sometimes fighting with your competitors pays off, and sometimes it doesn’t. Remember that we still have 364 other days to offer promotions. 

A good example here is Patagonia. This brand is associated with a sustainable approach to production and care for the environment. They know that, for their customers, those values are important. That’s why they created a “Don't buy this jacket” campaign for Black Friday” and turned off their eCommerce for Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. 


Don’t forget that, in the end, fashion is fun

To sum up, planning a Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing strategy for your fashion brand is a big challenge, but it can also be creative and enjoyable. If you decide to enter the world of big sales and discounts and, let’s face it, madness during this period, make sure that what’s offered to your customers is attractive and that you’re marketing it in the best possible way. With everything that’s currently happening, people will be more skeptical about buying unnecessary products. Pay attention to quality over quantity. 

Think about your sales channels, and use them all by creating unforgettable experiences for customers. Last but not least, take care of how your eCommerce site performs to avoid complicating customers’ potential purchases.

You can read more about Black Friday and Cyber Monday in a series that we’ve prepared to help your business succeed during the critical shopping period.

Published October 13, 2022