The biggest stores on Magento – Benchmarks

Care to share?

“Can Magento handle it?”, we get asked that question quite often by our clients. The answer is YES, and we’ve got data to back it up! We’re excited to share the data with you. Sharing is caring right?! From the benchmarks you can see the possibilities and effectiveness of Magento!

Many of our clients aren’t familiar with Magento when we meet. But that changes after a short talk with us. We want to help our clients understand what Magento is and how they would benefit from implementing the software. It not easy to pick an eCommerce platform and it’s often not cheap. But what often helps us convince our clients is showing them examples of already existing stores on Magento.

What do we mean by biggest stores you may wonder, well here’s how we see it.

  • The largest revenue (according to Internet Retailer)
  • The largest number of products (SKUs)
  • The most advanced/powerful functions
  • The largest website traffic

Some facts about Magento you should know:

  • Magento is currently the most popular eCommerce software. If we analyze the 1 million of the biggest sites, as many as 26% of them are using Magento.
  • Magento is a flexible, feature-rich eCommerce solution that helps you get the most from your online channel
  • Efficient tool for customization and sales growth used by the most recognizable brands.

Below you can find a preview of the report, to get the whole report with all the benchmarks contact us at

Published November 26, 2015