The best eCommerce PWA of 2018 in Vue Storefront technology

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Progressive web apps are changing the eCommerce landscape. Today, we’re taking a closer look at Vue Storefront, a PWA storefront dedicated to eCommerce, and its implementation in a variety of online stores.

PWA is a mobile-oriented technology introduced by Google. Basically, it is a web application that, thanks to the newest javascript features, provides the user with the best of web pages and mobile apps. In effect, eCommerce with PWA performs faster, eases up a buyer’s journey on mobile devices and improves mobile conversion rates. They also dramatically improves SEO results, as Google already added Pagespeed algorithm to the most important ranking factors in mobile searches, throughout which it favorites mobile-first technologies.

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Adding a PWA with Vue Storefront

In the market of PWA development solutions, Vue Storefront stands out as the most mature and stable framework. Vue Storefront is a ready-to-use solution that enables PWA features in online stores like native mobile app features, high-speed performance in slow or unstable network conditions, and offline capabilities. Built by a team specialized in eCommerce it also solves the most common challenges of eCommerce platforms (like Magento or Pimcore) e.g., poor UX, long time-to-market.

There are many reasons to use Vue Storefront for PWA in your eCommerce but the best comes from online stores that have already leveraged this solution.

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There’s a list of the finest Vue Storefront-based eCommerce PWAs from 2018:

The best eCommerce PWAs from 2018

(in alphabetical order)

Cuccina Barilla

Cucina Barilla was born thanks to an initiative combining the experiences of two companies: Barilla and Whirlpool. Modern in business, they also decided to leverage modern progressive web apps to present their system composed of technologically advanced Whirlpool ovens and a series of sets designed and produced by Barilla, which are sold online only.

Technology: –

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The Hour Glass

Vue Storefront Nomos

This global retailer of luxury watches operates on 5 continents and serves a well-attuned online UX. The Hour Glass launched a PWA pop-up store for a new line of NOMOS Glashütte watches.

The Vue Storefront implementation process took only 3 weeks, which includes several custom-made features. Despite very large basket size (~ USD$ 2,179, no taxes) their PWA pop-up store fulfilled expectations.

Technology: Magento 2 and Vue Storefront

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DW Shop

Vue Storefront DW Shop

DW Shop, a sub-brand of the well-renowned hair salon, offers premium hair products.

The company decided to leverage PWA technology to re-engage their, already wast, a group of Instagram fans. Having over 75% of traffic from Instagram, Vue Storefront ensures seamless onboarding of Instagram users and their conversion directly on the mobile device.

Technology: Magento 2 + Vue Storefront

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FLYN wetsuits

Vue Storefront Flyn

FLYN & CO was created in 2015. It is one of the first polish surf-brand companies. The company aspires to craft the finest quality wetsuits and take the industry to a different level. FLYN uses innovative materials in the offered apparel, and continued the trend with the technology applied to their online store.

Technology: Magento 2 + Vue Storefront

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One Open Sky

Vue Storefront One Open Sky

One Open Sky (formerly Nautic Surf and Ski) is Denmark’s largest water sports and winter sports equipment store. The wide range offered includes products such as skis, snowboards, equipment for kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP, kayaking, accessories, and others. The online store contains over 10,000 products from the most popular brands.

Technology: Magento 2 + Vue Storefront

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La Nature

Vue Storefront LaNature

La Nature’s online store presents elegant and vivid jewelry collections. The brand’s biggest challenge was to ensure the product page’s short loading time with over 16k products with high-quality images.

Leveraging Vue Storefront decreased switching catalog page time and catalog first loading time by up to 0.1 and 1.5 seconds, respectively.

Technology: Magento 2.2 + Vue Storefront

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Special Milano

Vue Storefront Specials Milano

In their online store, Special Milano offers unique shoes and accessories from the best international brands like Nike, Adidas, Vans, Reebok. Having a brick-and-mortar store in Milan, the company uses its own selling platforms to enrich the user experience.

Special Milano began their PWA journey with a proof of concept. In 20 days, they learned that developing a PWA is much cheaper than building a separate native app while providing the same functionalities.

Technology: Magento 2 and Vue Storefront

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Vue Storefront Malianta

Malianta was founded in 2017 by the desire of two young entrepreneurs. It is an Italian brand that produces leather bags and accessories The brand is an online fashion brand and works online only.

Technology: Magento + Vue Storefront

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Vue Storefront Ribatex

Ribatex is a Swedish fishing tackle shop founded in 2012. Initially, the store was available online and in stationary form. In 2016, Ribatex took a new direction and decided to invest only in online trading. Ribatex has been cooperating with leading fishing shops in Europe since 2017. The online store offers Swedish fishermen a wide range of angling equipment at attractive prices.

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Published January 8, 2019