In a recent study of millennials in the US, it turned out that young people don’t want to talk to the merchants even when buying their first car. They strongly prefer to make an online purchase without any humans in the process.

A million of B2B sales reps will lose their jobs to eCommerce by 2020.

Nearly 75% of B2B buyers say buying from an eCommerce site is more convenient that buying from a sales rep.

If you look at Netflix, the absolute success of Netflix is the AI component. The catalogue is so extensive. In order to find out about something in your genre that you’re interested in, it will start to recommend to you programs that others like, based on the algorithm. And that is where artificial intelligence comes into play. You’re getting this hybrid of data, content and experience all coming in to play together.- Michael Buckley, Accenture Interactive A/NZ managing director

Trends to watch

  1. Price intelligence

    Vendors such as, Clavis Insights, Indix, Quicklizard.

  2. Personal Representative for every customer

    Vendors such as Digital Genius, Nuance.

  3. Personalization

    Personalization systems can significantly improve the quality of service and enhance the conversion and customer satisfaction. In the future, personalization can supply the agent systems that will automatically serve the customers.

  4. Content

    Machine-generated content could become a hot topic and a possible solution to a nagging ecommerce problem, writing product descriptions. Example: Automated Insights – create content programmatically –

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