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9 posts to prepare your eCommerce for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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The yearly peak in eCommerce shopping is coming soon. Before it all starts, we're providing you with a selection of our top articles on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, including articles about strategy, marketing, and new technologies. They’ll guide you through last-minute checks and help you prepare for what’s coming. After all, it’s the last chance to see if you’ve got everything right.


5 predictions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022

The last few years brought us a lot of surprises regarding the direction and speed of development in eCommerce. Erik Totten, one of our Content Managers and Senior Editor, prepared five interesting insights for you on what Black Friday and Cyber Monday can bring us this year. I don’t want to spoil your fun. Just click and find out for yourself.

Why do eCommerce retailers lose money during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

You have to prepare for the worst to avoid getting crushed. Magdalena Zaremba, our Outreach Specialist, pointed out the most important pain points of eCommerce managers. Some of them are pretty easy to overlook during the holiday shopping season. This article will present you with a checklist on how to stay ahead of the competition and how to deliver additional benefits to help users make the final decison to make a purchase.

How has the pandemic changed the holiday shopping season?

Ugh, COVID-19 is so 2020… and, well, 2021. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard enough about it, but it doesn’t change the fact that it transformed our industry and customers’ shopping behaviors forever. This article by Agnieszka Małek, our progressive web app (PWA) Marketing Product Owner, dives into those changes and analyzes them. It guides you from new shopping habits through customers’ loyalty issues to the innovative technologies that are changing the way we buy online.

Marketing and UX insights

Marketing strategies for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022

There are plenty of approaches that you can take to attract customers and maximize profits during this intense time. In this article, I share some insights on modern marketing strategies used by eCommerce managers and efficient tactics to squeeze this opportunity to the last drop. You’ll see how to build a set of benefits to increase the value for your customers and, correspondingly, encourage them to place an order.

Black Friday UX hacks that will help you boost ROI

User experience can make or break your eCommerce business. It’s crucial during the holiday shopping season when you have to compete with many online shops. Your users are in a hurry, their attention span is low, and they’re quick to jump on competitors' websites if anything goes wrong. Magdalena shares some tricks that’ll help you build a smooth and easy purchasing process and tell you how to guide your users through it.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the fashion eCommerce industry: The best ideas to boost your online sales

Fashion is an extremely competitive branch of eCommerce. Agnieszka prepared a list of effective strategies that you can leverage not only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but throughout the whole year to boost marketing return on investment (ROI). It starts with various omnichannel strategies and ends with the orchestration of your sales channels to deliver unforgettable experiences for customers. It’s a must-read for anyone in the online fashion and beauty industry. 

New eCommerce technologies

Four key steps to prepare for a viral Black Friday promotion with tech examples

New technologies can provide you with features that seem to be a perfect fit for the holiday shopping season. David Hartery, Content Lead at Talon.One, prepared a guide on how to leverage features of Talon.One for a perfect, potentially viral promotion. There are some clever tips on managing coupons to prevent coupon leakage and shape the promotion validation logic. 

Load testing for the massive traffic on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

eCommerce platforms failing on Black Friday is a common issue when considering the massive traffic that is pushed through shopping sites. Many eCommerce businesses experience some downtime on the big day. Of course, that causes you to lose a lot of potential income if that happens to you. My article on preparing your eCommerce for this massive tide of traffic is basically a checklist that guides you step by step through the testing process. If you still have time to do one last checkup, make it a stress test.

More than tech: Use empathy to take care of your employees on Black Friday, Cyber Monday

In a perfect post to finish this list, Erik mentions a crucial thing that builds up your company but is easily overlooked in the age of the internet. It’s the people. The peak season puts a lot of stress on your staff. Here’s how to shield them from burning out and make sure they won’t get overwhelmed by the situation. After all, empathy is crucial in building a working environment that your company will benefit from in the years to come.

We all hope that this year’s Black Friday will be your eCommerce business’s best day of the year. Stay strong, scalable, and catch that huge traffic wave!

Published October 28, 2022