Pimcore is a powerful multipurpose platform. We use it to create product information management (PIM) and content management systems (CMS) for eCommerce. We leverage Pimcore plugins to build integrations, improve workflows and more. Here’s a list of our favorite Pimcore plugins:

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Type: eCommerce for Pimcore

Download at: https://github.com/coreshop/CoreShop

The CoreShop plugin enables a basic storefront. It has an ultrafast installation via composer, and updates all databases on an object with no more than two commands. By default it provides you with all you need for simple eCommerce: cart, orders, shipping, multistore, quotes, price rules, etc. The CoreShop plugin is extendable.

Tip: After installation, you’ll have to add a payment provider like PayPal.


Type: integrations

Download at: https://github.com/w-vision/ImportDefinitions/

If your client wants to import things by himself, this plugin is for you :) ImportDefinitions allows you to define an Object Import using a nice GUI and re-run the imports whenever they’re needed.


Type: multipurpose

Download at: https://github.com/dpfaffenbauer/ProcessManager

ProcessManager is a bundle that adds a GUI to the admin panel to help you run and monitor background tasks in Pimcore. It’s easy to implement your own processes – with progress bars and reports.


Type: Pimcore workflow

Download at: https://github.com/dpfaffenbauer/WorkflowGUI/

WorkflowGui is a bundle to define Pimcore workflows in graphics mode. Recently, I added a workflow status validation tool to WorkflowGui .

P.S. Pimcore Workflow Management provides configuration of multiple workflows on Pimcore elements (assets, documents, data objects) to support data maintenance processes, element life cycles, and various other processes.


Type: Pimcore workflow

Download at: https://github.com/DivanteLtd/pimcore-workflow-dashboard

Pimcore-workflow-dashbord provides a board view for Pimcore workflows. Now you can see all workflows in one place and their assignment to system operators.

CAUTION: Although it works great with Pimcore 5, it must be corrected for Pimcore 5.5


Type: multipurpose

Download at: https://github.com/DivanteLtd/pimcore5-clipboard

Clipboard Bundle gives you the possibility to shelve your objects into a separate area and perform chosen actions only on these separated objects – without changing anything in your project structure.


Type: multipurpose

Download at: https://github.com/DivanteLtd/pimcore-devkit

A set of tools that help you to develop Pimcore applications; it’s a set of simple, but often used tools.


Type: admin control

Download at: https://github.com/DivanteLtd/pimcore5-user-tracking

A powerful GDPR plugin for Pimcore 5. It captures all requests on the admin panel side and writes to the MongoDB database. Pimcore5-user-tracking plugin saves all requests and helps to validate them in instant.


Type: deployment

Download at: https://capistranorb.com/documentation/overview/what-is-capistrano/

A plugin for Pimcore 5 deployment with Capistrano. It supports the scripting and execution of arbitrary tasks, and includes a set of sane-default deployment workflows.

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P.S. Let us know what your favorite Pimcore plugins are in the comments.

(first publication: Sept, 2017; updated: Jan, 2019)