5 websites every eCommerce manager should know

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Care to share?

I am pretty sure, you are busy person.

But the busiest person should have time to read something valuable.  Today I want to share with you some places you should bookmark, whether you are e-commerce manager or CEO of the company.

Get inspired,  use these sources of knowledge and boost your e-commerce:

  • http://www.practicalecommerce.com/  – tons of useful insight from concept, via development and e-sales. You can download white papers and case studies. You can read interviews with experts.

My last favourite post: http://www.practicalecommerce.com/articles/71645-Could-These-5-Technologies-Change-Ecommerce

  • http://www.shopify.com/blog – they have e-commerce university, wher you can learn how to start selling online or how to boost your current shop

I like this one (for newbies): http://ecommerce.shopify.com/guides/make-your-first-ecommerce-sale


Good read: http://www.abetterlemonadestand.com/how-to-start-an-online-tshirt-business-24-hour-guide-challenge/

  • http://blog.kissmetrics.com/ – Neil Patel, one of the well know growth hacker in the word shares his knowledge with us. Interesting tips and proven methods might be valuable for many of you:

Example? Learn how to make headlines: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/copywriting-headline-examples/

  • http://blog.hubspot.com/ – Last, but not least – masters of content marketing. Nowadays it is a trend and you should be already prepared for production and distribution of valuable

Metrics, every e-commerce person should notice: http://blog.hubspot.com/ecommerce/ecommerce-marketing-metric-youre-not-tracking

If you read something useful from e-commerce area (except of our blog of course :), put it in the comment below.

Have a good reading!

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Published August 11, 2014